HIGHLIGHTS OF  Red Dead Redemption 3 

Red Dead Redemption is a beloved franchise that thrives on its immersive depiction of outlaw culture and post-Civil War society in the west.

To surpass previous games, Red Dead Redemption 3 should consider changing the setting to somewhere remarkably different, just like Horizon Forbidden West did.

Red Dead Redemption 3 

A new setting in the west could bring new challenges, enemies, and opportunities for hunting and storytelling, offering a fresh experience for players.

Red Dead Redemption 3 is a franchise that has a strong identity, being inherently linked to American history and more specifically post-Civil War society in the west. Its depiction of outlaw culture allows the player to engage in immoral deeds while never breaking immersion, adhering to the expectations of most Rockstar Games titles where committing crimes and being less-than-lawful are the source of a great deal of enjoyment. The series is beloved, with each being critically and commercially acclaimed to no end, but as the third game now has a pair of titles to live up to, it has to be a step above what has come before.

To do this, it might be a good idea to make a change to the setting, and take the protagonist somewhere that looks and feels remarkably different to past games. Heading further west would be a viable option, especially considering Guerrilla Games successfully took Aloy to the Pacific Ocean for a fantastic adventure in 2022’s Horizon Forbidden West. That game could show that Red Dead Redemption would be wise to uproot the series in favor of new pastures, because one of the best ways to shake things up is to go somewhere else.



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