Virat Kohli Hairstyle, Life style Known for his extraordinary cricketing skills, Virat Kohli has also made headlines for his constantly changing hairstyles. From his early days in international cricket to his current iconic look, Kohli’s hair journey has become a style inspiration for fans around the world. Let’s see how her locks have evolved over time.

1. Young Look: Virat Kohli

When Virat Kohli first started playing international cricket, his image was clean and young. His short, neatly combed hair reflected his emergence as a rising cricket star.

2. Adopting edgy styles: Virat Kohli

As Kohli’s cricket journey progressed, his style also changed. He began experimenting with rugged and edgy looks, such as slightly longer, disheveled hairstyles, which gave him a more forceful presence on the field.

3. Mohawk Experiment:

venture into the Mohawk hairstyle marked a bold departure from tradition. This attractive look caught the attention of fans and fashion lovers. The contrast between the shaved edges and the central crest made an immediate impact.

4. Fusion Style:

The faux hawk, a mix of Mohawk and traditional hairstyles, became another iconic phase in Kohli’s style journey. The look added sophistication while maintaining an element of rebellion, perfectly complementing her evolving personality on and off the field.

5. Classic Undercut:

In recent years, Kohli has transitioned to a more sophisticated yet contemporary style with a classic undercut. This versatile haircut, featuring short sides and a long top, offers a clean and polished look. This reflects his growing maturity and stature as a cricket legend.

6. Beard Supplement:

Throughout his style evolution, Virat Kohli’s beard has been an integral element. This adds an extra layer of ruggedness and machoness to their overall look. Be it a carefully groomed beard or a more robust stubble, it complements his hairstyle perfectly, creating a harmonious and balanced look.


Virat Kohli’s evolution through different hairstyles is a testament to his willingness to embrace change and his keen eye for style. There has been a corresponding change in her appearance at each stage of her career, reflecting not only her skills on the field but also her influence in the world of fashion. As fans are eagerly waiting for his next look, one thing is for sure: whatever Virat Kohli chooses, he will undoubtedly make a great statement both on and off the cricket pitch.



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